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16. October 2016

Possible majority coalitions

For the last few decades the convention in the Alþingi has largely been a 2-party coalition majority government. The vote has split between 4 major parties two of whom then have a majority.

Prior to elections polls are always displayed by the media as either a line-chart of percentages over time, or a bar-chart of the current percentage by party. This works for situations where there are few parties and so it is easy to see who can form a majority.

But things are changing. 7 parties will in all likelyhood get parlimentary seats so it becomes quite challenging to understand what majority posibilities exist post-election.

What this attempts to do is show what majority coalitions are possible using 2016 election results, ruling out coalitions which been rejected by the parties themselves. What remains indicates that forming a viable majority will be challenging.

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