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13. June 2011


This is some of the software I have written. All it is free for the taking and/or using. If you have any suggestions, comments, or simply want to chat, feel free to email me.

JavaScript libraries

Miscellaneous JavaScript libraries.

  • Textbox

    Textbox is a simple library to layout multiline text for display on SVG or Canvas. It can fairly decently line-break and render rich text given some boundaries. It understands a subset of HTML and LaTeX syntaxes.

  • Textile.js

    The best and fastest implementation of a Textile parser in JavaScript. Uses a common interface with the most popular Markdown library so it's developer friendly too.

  • Dateutil

    A collection date utility methods for JavaScript. Compatible with Node.js or browsers. Available through npm.

  • String.format

    A full implementation of Python string formatting in JavaScript.

  • Gannet

    The static site (blog) generator that builds this website. It is similar to Jekyl or Pelican, written in JS, but is mosly only useful to one person: me.

  • Hugs

    A small JavaScript templating system. That loves you.

Other projects

These are some of my ongoing projects found elsewhere:

Published: 13. June 2011.